JLI Fulfilment - How It Works


Kitting & Assembly

We offer fulfilment services for businesses that require individual items to be consolidated prior to shipment. Our team will be happy to talk and discuss the needs of your business to ensure all items are correctly assembled before being shipped to your customers.

Omni-Channel Fulfilment

Fulfillment of orders across multiple sales channels is essential for ecommerce brands in the modern economy. Simple integration allows us to pick, pack and ship your orders from multiple ecommerce platforms and sales channels.

Subscription Boxes

Does your business offer a service for products to be shipped on a regular basis, e.g. every 14/30 days? We can guarantee your products will be regularly delivered to your customers with our subscription box service.


Ship your products directly to us from your supplier and we can take care of the labeling so you don’t have to. We have extensive experience in producing barcodes, and will be happy to tailor the labels to meet your expectations.

FBA Services

As the largest ecommerce platform in the world, there is huge potential when selling on Amazon. Although small businesses without enough resources can struggle to align with FBA’s rules and regulations. We can help you accelerate your sales by sending your items to Amazon’s fulfilment centres exactly when we need to. We will prepare your products to align with the expected requirements before they enter Amazon’s premises.


Offering a gift wrapping service as an ecommerce company is highly important if you want to stay in the race with your competition. The top priority for any service offering gifts is presentation and speed, which is what our gift fulfilment service will provide you and your customers with.