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About Us


About Us

With over 10 years of experience in stock management and logistics, JLI Trading Limited saw an opportunity to develop a fulfilment solution, ready for any size business.

JLI Fulfilment provides an opportunity for any company to drive growth and increase customer retention through a smart, affordable and sustainable fulfilment service. We serve your customers as if they were our own. Our staff are inducted, trained and developed to optimise our fulfilment processes and we are continuously searching for better solutions.

And for no extra cost, all of our packaging is fully recyclable/biodegradable!


We value your customers, which is why our team will commit to being with you, every step of the way.


It’s no secret that the on-going success of our fulfilment solution is built on the foundations of great people, achieving greater things.


Continuously improving ourselves and our processes, allows us to offer you the best possible fulfilment solution.


No matter the size of your business, you will get 100% dedication from our team. Delivering you the service you deserve.

Streamlined Fulfilment Solutions

Our people and processes are what makes our solution so successful. Fast and accurate order fulfilment, easy to follow processes, and careful inventory management will help you develop and grow as a business quickly, and with ease.

Your Business

From the moment we receive your enquiry, your growth and development becomes our priority. Our experts will listen, guide and assist you at all times, whilst our dedicated warehouse staff ensure the highest standard of fulfilment is achieved.

Simple Integration

We integrate with many of the major ecommerce platforms, and delivery service providers. Clear communication from our experts, and easy to follow process allows you to onboard quickly and confidently with us.

Inventory Management

We take care of your inventory the moment it is received at our fulfilment centre. All stock is quality checked and counted accurately so that any errors are identified before your stock goes live.

Pick and Pack

Our experienced fulfilment team pick quickly and accurately. Our ergonomic packing room means our team is able to facilitate thousands of orders a day!


We understand the importance of sustainability to your customers! That’s why all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable at no extra cost!

Returns Processing

Our returns processing procedure ensures the condition of each returned item is carefully checked. If the returned items are brand new we add them straight back into your inventory list.